L'aventure d'un frenchie

L'aventure d'un frenchie

#4 : First Week

I left you last week, 24hours after my arrival. I'm here now since a week, in this small town "Backnang", 18 miles in the north of Stuttgart.


This first week goes so fast, except sunday I borried, I didn't have time for me this last week. It has been full, and it's also because three french friends came see me and celebrate the new year.


But before, I officially started my internship the 30th of december. To intoduce my firm, it's a very small domestic business which work in consulting. This business looks for tenders like travel lift or harbour equipment. It have to find supplier and make proposals to customers.


At the begening, and now again, it was really hard to adapte myself. You have to know equipment that your firm used to sale, found interessing tenders, speak french, english and german. If it sounds cool, it is not. Even if it's very interesting, it's also frustrating to looking for the right tenders for many hours, and to find anything.


But I try to stay fresh with this internship. I didn't excepte it easy. I think I have seen, during this first week, just a small part of what will be this internship. Currently, I'm on the discovery phase.


For the left-over of my week, it was pretty interesting. First, I went to the wedding of my manager. He rented for this nonce, a german sport car, in which I get the timeliness to drive in ! When german talk about "Deutsch Qualität", this catchword could be applied to the Audi R8. ;)






My friends came the same day, the 30th during the evening.


Tuesday 31st, no internship. In fact, the city where I work made a kind of party in the streets for the last day of the year. It also planned a foot race, and there were more than 1.500 runners... and me ! Yes, my manager enrolled me to run 6.2 miles... Okay, I like sport. But I didn't race since a long time. Fortunately, two of my french friends raced with me. Even if I finished the race, I won't tell you my time... Less than one hour, that's it ! :P


 This same day was the silvesternight. So we celebrated in my apartment with the friends of my german room-mate. Great experience, it was a realy international party, even if sometimes it was difficult to understand each other !

Midnight was comming, and our german friends proposed us to hang out of the house, to shoot some fire work, up to a hill, closed to our apartment.

What a surprise.

My room-mate told me that they like fire work, I was thinking "Yes, just like in France !". But in France, fire work are shooted by professional. In Germany, the law is not the same, so every body can use it.


It was magic. All over the sky, everywhere there were a lot of fire work ! It was a freak moment.


And we almost forgot that we turned to a new year !




The first on january, we visited Stuttgart with my friends, before they leave. Even if shop were closed, we saw the biggest build and castle of the city. Because I didn't see a big part of the city, I keep an item to talk more about it in the few weeks.


Mon the moment, this week is almost over. My friend leaved since yesterday. This week end will last 3 days, monday 6th january is free in Germany.


So everybody, have a nice weekend, take care of you and...


Alors bon weekend à tous, prenez soin de vous et surtout...


Happy new year 2014 !



The 4th january

Translate on 12th january


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