L'aventure d'un frenchie

L'aventure d'un frenchie

#3 : An expected journey

I have to do this intership to be gratuated, it's like an exam, and I need to follow some items. First, this intership have to last 8 weeks. Mine will last 10 weeks. In fact, my new manager wanted me but most of the time his trainees stay for at least 3 months.

So I lengthened this intership as long as I could. Official dates : from 30th december to 7th march 2014 !


It's the first time I leave home for such a long time, in a place where I won't have any landmark. So, if I can't wait, I also arrest. But it also aims to test myself, right ? So let's get it started.


Even if my intership begin the 30th of december, I come the 27th, to settle myself in an appartment and try to take my first landmark. Having an old car and because I'm not used to drive a lot (750 miles) - It's a lot for a countryside guy like me ! -, I choosed to drive in 2 times, with a step after Paris.


 So, how fixed I my trip ? Don't follow my exemplar, but I did it bad ! The biggest think I did is about insurance of my car. Also, when you're European, you need a kind of card to moove in others country if something happens to you (sick, accident...) and if you need to see a doctor. The last things has been quickly made, because I didn't have time, one week before leave, I had exams, and during the week end, I worked in a supermarkt. So finally, I don't had such a lot of time.


My manager in Germany helped me to find an appartment, so I have been very lucky.


How was the drive ? Fine, at first ! Travel untill Paris was quiet, not a lot of traffic (it was a 26th december.). And I came early to Paris, so I made a break to contemplate for the first time the Eiffel Tower.




After a short hour in Paris's streets, I went to an hotel, where a room was booked for me.

I leaved early in the morning driving to the east (Nancy, Strasbourg...) and finally came to the border. Deutschland, Ich komme ! But then, it was not so easy. My GPS failed, so It was hard to find my way. But whatever, i came at 6:30pm, in Backnang, the city I work. My manager hosted me and show me my apartment. In fact, it's bigger than my apartment in the city I study, but I share it with a young german. But it is very good, because I have to speak german, and that's what i'm looking for.


Then, I'm here since 24h00. Right now, I don't miss my country, but I know it will happen. It take it over. I'm discovering so it's ok. First speaks with german people are the hardest.


I start work monday 30, so let's see what this stage can give me !



Translated the 5th of january


Screenshot_2013-12-27-22-15-18.png"Tired, but arrived"

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