L'aventure d'un frenchie

L'aventure d'un frenchie

#5 : First self-appraisal

If we can say that my first week began in a heavy way, this second week was quieter. No wedding, no silvester night party and anymore french friends by my sides.


Let's beging about it, the fact to be so "alone". First of all, It's the first time that I'm all alone, without my family. Last time when I traveled to US, during 2 weeks. (I'm here since the 27 december). But this time, I'm not with friends unlike when I went to other trips. For the moment, it's nice, and I don't feel bad. Social networks and skype make it possible for me to keep in touch with my friends and family, I use it a lot.


At the moment, I don't really have contact with other people, this is too bad. I can only see my colleague at work, my room-mate and the house owner of my appartment, who lives above me. I met him this past week. I was suprise during our first meeting to be able to well understand him and what he said. So, first progress ? Yes, I think. But this is not enough, and that is why I need see people, I could learn faster.




Backnang City



The fact is, in my firm, the manager speak very good frend, and his son, my colleague try to learn french, and he enjoys my time here to speak a lot french.

My room-mate, about him, his work force him to be absent. So yes, I'm frustated to no be able to speak german as much as I could. So my aim is, in the few weeks, to meet as much people as I can to speak more.


My sister asked me the last day if I felt alone. No, it's okay. I am someone introverted, so I can have a weekend alone and find something to do. Since I'm here, and since the run race of Backnang, I run a lot. Then, I re-started to read books. Unfortunately, I have got only 2 books for 10 weeks. A friend sould sent me one by the post ! Finally, there is this blog, that I write and translate. It takes time !


But if I'm here, it's not to stay in my bubble (I don't know if it makes sence for you...) I NEED TO SPEAK GERMAN !


So that I try to make it happen. First, my room-mate talked me to pick me up in his hometown, to meet his friends. Maybe during a week end ! Then, if all will going well, I should meet again a german guy that I met when I was 14 during a trip. My manager also give the duty to hang out at less one evening by week with his son, and to speak only in german. That's not the worst duty, during an intership, is not it ?


About this intership week, nothing crazy. Monday 6 was a holiday. The rest of my week, work and work. I'm still discovering my firm, and I hope see more interesting things soon. My manager and colleague are very nice with me, and they make all they can to make me feel good.


This last saturday, I enjoyed my free time to visit the Mercedes Benz Museum. Know that Stuttgart is seen as the cars's cradel . This museum show, the history of Mercedes and car overall. Ask to my friends, I don't really a fan of car, but this museum was really interesting and playful. And it tempted me to see the Porsche Museum, which is also in Stuttgart ! Here again, it must be cool, and maybe more sporty ! I hope that, unlike in the Mercedes Museum, they will give me the opportunity to have a car ride after the visit. So what ? We can dreaming, isn't it ? ;)




Stay tuned, see you soon !



Published on 12 january

Translated on 19 january


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