L'aventure d'un frenchie

L'aventure d'un frenchie

#2 : Looking for an intership

Reality is, that at the beginning, I was looking for without really looking for. Does it makes sence ?

A german firm, which would accept me with my german grade ? How lucky ?


But luck, don't come alone. You have to provoke it. That sounds good, cause I am impish :)

So started to search, town hall, district, people around me who get a internship in germany. Unfortunaly, I didn't keep in touch with people I met during my previous travel. It's an error, it would help me, for sure !


It aims at optimize you luck, extending to the maximum your search field. Small ads can help you, word of mouth, on the web. But be carefull to sort.


And one day, my german teacher introduce me to a german student, who's doing a kind of "civic service" in the town I study. So she gave me ways to search, connect me with some of her firend in Germany. And then, research and work make me found an internship. I found it on the french-deutsch trade center website http://www.francoallemand.com/fr.


There are a lot of adds. So with her help, I applied. It wasn't easy, you know, because I don't speak german a lot ! Resume, letter of application... If you can't do it by yourself, try to be helped by somebody. Teacher, pen pal, a friend better than you in foreign laguage ! Don't give up.


After more that 20 e-mail sent, only 2 positive repply. The first one, a import-export business near Stuttgart, and that's the firm where I will work.The second was the "Gallerie Lafayette" of Berlin, it's a famous french chain of Mall. I was surpised. Everything can happen ;)


After found my intership, and first contact took with the Director, I started to apply for financial help. My college help me to find subventions. It's a good way to find it, ask to your teacher, they may already had some students which did an intership in an other country, in the same situation as you. They will be able to help you !


Get lucky, see ya soon !




Gallerie Lafayette Berlin - Friedrichstraße

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